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World cup 2014
arrival of the GLT (Goal Line Technology) : method used to determine if the ball has completely crossed the goal line used the first time in the match France-Honduras (3-0) Sunday, June 15, 2014 (ag N Valladares 48')
The 1st goal of the world cup
in 1930 in Uruguay was marked by Lucien Laurent (France) at the 19' of the match France-Mexico (4-1) Sunday July 13 in Montevideo (match disputed under snow)
The 1st final of the world cup
of football in 1930 in Uruguay (Uruguay-Argentina : 4-2) was held in front of nearly 100 000 people Wednesday July 30, 1930 in Estadio Centenario in Montevideo
Forfeit :
In 1938 in France, the match Sweden-Austria was gained by Sweden by forfeit (the only one) : the anschluss of Monday March 14, 1938 is the cause
First goal of Pelé
in the world cup to the 65' of the quarterfinal Brazil-Wales (1-0) Thursday June 19, 1958 in Gothenburg in Sweden
Yellow card :
Sunday May 31, 1970, the German referee Kurt Tschenscher (Frg) confer E Lovchev (Ussr) of the 1st yellow card of the history of the world cup of football during the match of 1st turn in Mexico City between Mexico and the Ussr (0 - 0)
The 100th goal of Brazil
in the world cup was marked by Pelé at the 18' of the final Brazil-Italy (4-1) Sunday June 21, 1970 in Mexico City
Frg and Gdr
met only at the time of the world cup of 1974 (Frg) during the 1st turn; Gdr carried 1 to 0 saturday June 22, 1974 in Hamburg (goal of J Sparwasser to the 77'); Germany had beaten Germany
Red card :
Friday June 14, 1974, the referee C Babacan (Turkey) confer C Caszely (Chile) of the 1st red card of the history of the world cup of football at the 67' minute of the match of 1st turn in Berlin between Chile and Frg (0 - 1)
The 100th goal of Frg
in the world cup was marked by K H Rummenigge at the 66' of the 1st turn Frg-Chile (4-1) Sunday June 20, 1982 in Gijon in Spain
Thursday July 08, 1982
in Seville (Spain), 1st meeting of penalties shoot-out at the time of the semifinal Frg-France (3-3); Frg carries it with 5 shootings to the goal against 4 (U Stielike (Frg), D Six (France) and M Bossis (France) having missed their penalty shoot-out)
The 1st Golden goal
of a world cup of football was marked by Laurent Blanc (France) to the 113' of the Round of 16 France-Paraguay (1-0) Sunday June 28, 1998 in Lens in France
The 100th goal of Italy
in the world cup was marked by L Di Biagio to the 7' at the time of the match of 1st turn Italy-Cameroun (3-0) Wednesday June 17, 1998 in Montpellier in France
The 100th goal of Argentina
in the world cup was marked by C Lopez at the 17' saturday July 04, 1998 in Marseille in France during the quarterfinal Netherlands-Argentina (2-1)
The 1000th goal of France
was marked by E Petit at the 92' at the time of the final France-Brazil (3-0) in Saint Denis in France Sunday July 12, 1998
South Africa
is the first host nation to World Cup football to not pass the first round
For the first time in 2010,
neither Argentina, Brazil, Frg or Italy were in the final
The 100th match of Germany :
took place against Australia (4-0) Sunday, June 13, 2010 in Durban, considering Frg, Gdr and Germany as the same country and the match Frg-Gdr (0-1) the 22 June 1974 accounts for 1
For the first time in 2014,
the first goal of the World Cup is a "ag" : Brazil-Croatia (3-1) Thursday June 12, 2014 : Marcelo (Brazil) (11')
The 100th goal of France
in the world cup was marked by O Girdoud at the 16' of the 1st turn France-Switzerland (5-2) Friday June 20, 2014 in Salvador
The 100th match of Brazil :
1st turn Brazil-Cameroon (4-1), Monday June 23, 2014 in Brasilia
Two African countries
for the first time pass the first turn in 2014 (Algeria and Nigeria)
For the first time in 2014,
a European country won the World Cup in the American continent
The Video Assistant Referee (VAR), or video assistance,
was used for the first time in the World Cup during the first round Australia-France (1-2) on 16/06/2018; a penalty was awarded to France (converted by A Griezmann to 57 ')
For the first time, a goal AG
was scored in the World Cup final in 2018 Croatia-France (2-4) by M Mandzukic (Croatia) at the 19 '
For the first time, a fourth substitute
came into play in the 1/8 round of the Spain-Russia final (1-1 Aet-Pso 3-4) on 01/07/2018: A Erokhin (Russia) at 97'
The host country (Italy)
went through the qualifying to participate in its World Cup (won 4-0 against Greece March 25, 1934 in the first match; the second match was not played due to the forfeit of Greece)

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