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Participations and results - Football World CupsParticipations and results - Football World Cups

Informations SOUTH KOREA
Informations SOUTH KOREA Football World Cup

Players SOUTH KOREA Football World Cup

Matches SOUTH KOREA Football World Cup

Year Organizer country Level Players used Differents players used
2022 Qatar 1st turn 0 0
2018 Russia 1st turn 42 19 Cho.HW, Chul.H, Go.YH, Hwang.HC, Jang.Hyun.Soo, Ju.SJ, Jung.WY, Ki.SY, Kim.MW, Kim.SW, Kim.YG, Koo.JC, Lee.Jae.Sung, Lee.SW, Lee.Yong, Moon.SM, Park.JH, Son.HM, Yun.YS,
2014 Brazil 1st turn 42 17 Han.KY, Hong.JH, Hwang.Seok.Ho, Ji.DW, Jung.SR, Ki.SY, Kim.BK, Kim.SG, Kim.SW, Kim.YG, Koo.JC, Lee.CY, Lee.KH, Lee.Yong, Park.CY, Son.HM, Yun.SY,
2010 South Africa Round of 16 54 17 Cha.DR, Cho.YH, Jung.SR, Ki.SY, Kim.DJ, Kim.Jae.Sung, Kim.JW, Kim.NI, Lee.CY, Lee.DG, Lee.JS, Lee.SY, Lee.YP, Oh.BS, Park.CY, Park.JS, Yeom.KH,
2006 Germany 1st turn 41 17 Ahn.JH, Cho.JJ, Choi.JC, Kim.DJ, Kim.JK, Kim.N.II, Kim.SS, Kim.YC, Lee.CS, Lee.EY, Lee.H, Lee.WJ, Lee.YP, Park.CY, Park.JS, Seol.KH, Song.CG,
2002 South Korea/Japan 4th 96 18 Ahn.JH, Cha.DR, Choi.JC, Choi.TU, Choi.YS, Hong.MB, Hwang.SH, Kim.N.II, Kim.TY, Lee.CS, Lee.EY, Lee.MS, Lee.WJ, Lee.YP, Park.JS, Seol.KH, Song.CG, Yoo.SC,
1998 France 1st turn 42 19 Choi.SY, Choi.YI, Choi.YS, Ha.SJ, Hong.MB, Jang.HS, Kim.BJ, Kim.DH, Kim.DK, Kim.TY, Ko.JS, Lee.DG, Lee.LS, Lee.MS, Lee.SH, Lee.SY, Noh.JY, Seo.JW, Yoo.SC,
1994 Usa 1st turn 40 16 Cho.JH, Choi.IY, Choi.YI, Chung.JS, Ha.SJ, Hong.MB, Hwang.SH, Kim.JS, Kim.PK, Ko.JW, Lee.WJ, Lee.YJ, Noh.JY, Park.JB, Seo.JW, Shin.HG,
1990 Italy 1st turn 39 19 Byun.BJ, Cho.MK, Choi.HK, Choi.IY, Choi.SH, Chung.Hae.Won, Chung.JS, Gu.SB, Hong.MB, Hwang.BK, Hwang.SH, Jung.YH, Kim.JS, Lee.HS, Lee.TH, Lee.YJ, Noh.SJ, Park.Kyung.Joon, Yoon.DY,
1986 Mexico 1st turn 38 18 Byun.BJ, Cha.BK, Cho.KR, Cho.MK, Cho.YJ, Choi.SH, Chung.JS, Huh.JM, Jung.YH, Kim.JB, Kim.JS, Kim.PS, Kim.YS, Noh.SJ, Oh.YK, Park.CS, Park.Kyung.Joon, Yoo.BO,
1954 Switzerland 1st turn 22 18 Choi.JM, Choi.YK, Chu.YK, Chung.KC, Chung.Nam.Sick, Han.CW, Hong.DY, Kang.CG, Kim.Ji.Sung, Lee.GC, Lee.JK, Lee.SN, Min.BD, Park.IK, Park.Jae.Seung, Park.Kyu.Jong, Sung.NW, Woo.SG,

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